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Your visit and interest in our site and our services is our pleasure.

NARKOUB MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES is committed to protect the privacy of users. We demand the information in order to provide the users with better services.

We will not release or share your information with others. Identity and personal information like your correspondence and letters, emails, your account information and address is just to improve the quality of our services and the content of our site.

NARKOUB MANUFACTURING GROUP is committed to protect your personal information. Register in our site and the use of our services means being aware of shopping guide and privacy policy, and acceptance of online shopping rules and regulations.

1.Rules and regulations in this page will be updated in order to present better services. The users in the NARKOUB INDUSTRIES on-line shop approve that they have read the rules of privacy policy and accept it.

2.NARKOUB MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES is producer of different types of hose and Teflon tape. We are committed to delivering the products from the original brand that we guarantee the quality. The users are responsible for assessment and selection of the products.

3.NARKOUB MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES guarantees the quality of all the products. Guarantee for all of our products is available in the product specifications section.

4.Users are responsible for the information they record and the outcomes. In order to prevent any contradictions, please fill in the forms and the required information carefully.

5.NARKOUB MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES has no limitations regarding the age of the users. The users are fully responsible for the orders and observing ethical and disciplinary matters.

6.Registration in NARKOUB MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES shows the user's consent for contact via phone or email; therefore the users are required to read related correspondence.

7.NARKOUB MAUFACTURING INDUSTRIES strives to apply the best technology and infrastructure in the production, but we have no commitment to the proper functioning of communication infrastructures like Internet connections and Banking services.

8.Users can register and order twenty four hours and all days. Orders are processed only on business days, hours 8:30 am. To 6 pm.

9.Under certain and unexpected circumstances and when out-of-control events occur, or when supplies are not available, NARKOUB MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES reserve the right to stop services and refund charges.

10.NARKOUB MANUFACTURING INDUSTRIES sends the quality-certified orders to the customers. If the ordered products are not approved qualitatively, after coordination with the customer, they will be canceled and/or replaced with other products or the payment will be refunded.

11.All orders are checked in the quality control unit and before packing. Customers are required to check the products before delivery. In case of any mismatch or damage during shipping, the customer should return the order.

12.Cancelation is possible only after coordination with the sales unit and before shipping. Payments are refundable.

13. According to the rules, replacement after receiving the order is possible, only if the product has not been used.